Your testimony is under watch

Yesterday morning, I was driving with my wife and three friends to Nakuru. I was the preacher of the day at Nakuru’s Christ Is the Answer Ministries (CITAM) Church. The speed limit is 100 kph on the highway to Nakuru. Like a good citizen I maintained the legal speed until I approached the  escarpment slope. Many cars were zooming past me and I figured an extra 10 kph wouldn’t hurt. So I took advantage of the slope and removed my foot from the gas pedal and left gravity to pay the bills. Once I was out of the escarpment slope, I resumed the legal speed. Not many metres later, I was flagged down by a police officer. He took my license and informed me that he knew that I had done 110 kph instead of 100 kph because of the speed cameras. With three other drivers, I was taken to Naivasha police station and charged for breaking the speed limit. I was charged 5,000 kes for going the extra 10. The thought of bribing the police crossed my mind. I knew they would accept an easy 1500 kes and let me go if I asked to speak to them on the side. However, the Holy Spirit convicted me to just do the right thing. So I obeyed the Lord’s prompting and I paid the 5000 kes and continued the journey to CITAM Nakuru at a conservative 80 kph. 

I preached the gospel and shared from the scriptures for about one hour. After the service, as I was with the church senior pastor, a familiar man walked up to us. I recognized him immediately. He was one of the drivers who had been flagged down for over-speeding with me. I was with him at the police station. He stretched out his hand to the senior pastor and said, “Pastor, I was with this young man at the police station. Had he given a bribe to those policemen, nothing he would have said today on this pulpit would have made a difference to me.” I breathed a huge sigh in my mind and thanked God I did the right thing. Lesson: Honour God always- you never know who is watching your testimony.