Leaps, peaks and lengths

Leaps, peaks and lengths
Dedicated to Waturi- I love you more than the sun dearie!

Leaps of joys and jumps of love
My heart has taken crazy bounds
Lips one day I will enjoy
And all your beauty that I have found
To wait for you till marriage date
And love you till my breath will cease
To let you know my perfect mate
Are worlds to me, to me you please
To take you mine my beauty queen
And treat you right for all to see
That love is true and love is mine
And love you are Oh so divine

Peaks of peace and tips of bliss
I have attained in having you
Sweeps of goodness, drowns of friendship
Engulf my being in loving you
All you are to me is grace
A gift from God with a smiling face
A precious jewel I have found
Above the world let this resound
My Eve, my girl, my bride to be
My friend, my love created for me
Is beautiful, lovely, inside out
A lady I cannot live without

Lengths of felicity
And breadths of love’s intensity
I’m yet to discover and I’m yet to unravel
Through days of good fortune
And through tides of bad weather
I’ve been a dependant; you’ve proved to be tender
You’ve lived and you’ve loved, you’ve shown me we have
A future to build and a reason within us
To serve each other beyond life brothers
Beyond ourselves and before life gathers
To the old age that lovers regret and remorse
So with all that’s today and with no more delay
I’ll love you so ever, I love you my treasure
Be with me, together, in this life forever