Alexander the Not-so-great

Alexander the Not-so-great
Poem by Ernest Wamboye

Lived Alexander, in a town so small
Knew everybody behind every wall
Little Alexander in his infancy smiled
Loved by his mother ‘cept when he cried
The boy was a bother in his crying state
Alexander the babe was not so great

Youthful Alexander grew to be bright
Succeeded in school and never did fight
Alexander the geek, the boys did wail
With girls to speak, the man did fail
And truly a mess in finding a date
Alexander the teen was not so great

Courage he gained and came out strong
And met sweet Sally, his love for long
But Sally did leave and break his heart
Alexander too poor for a mate to start
Bruised and broken by the pain he ate
Alexander the young man was not so great

Alexander the man, he trusted in God
Prayed to be great for men to applaud
Along came a flood that watered his town
Swept away and threatened to drown
Saved the children, they’d never forget
Alexander the man began to be great

Alexander the man, the ladies desired
For just in one day to them he inspired
Swimmers he taught to save like he
Dreamers he sought to challenge to see
That favour did come from God not fate
Alexander the man was now so great

*Lesson: Hang in there and trust in God. Your day will come when he will lift you up.

*Note: The poem has nothing to do with the historical Alexander the Great