FOR MEN ONLY- Curves, Hips and Lips

FOR MEN ONLY- Curves, Hips and Lips

A lady’s body is a wonder to behold for us men. It makes the talkative ones shut up and it makes the silent ones talk. As beautiful as it may be, so is it an avenue for filth. The multiple porn sites, the lustful soap operas and the traffic-causing billboards are just but a few. We are left to wonder where to place the beauty that Christ created. When I was in high school, I was in love with Halle Berry. The curves, the lips and the hips had everything to do with it. I broke up with Halle when Scarlet Johansson stole my heart. Scarlet and I were not steady, so luscious lipped Angelina Jolie made her way in my love life. We had a great relationship until I met Maitté Perroni. She was everything I wanted. I thought the list would end when I finally would meet the one I would marry. She would have skin like Halle Berry’s, eyes like Scarlet Johansson, hips like Beyonce and a face like Maitté Perroni. I was wrong. I learnt; a good body will just never do guys.

I write this to men to identify with you that a woman’s flesh can really drive us crazy. It may be a little sneak-peak on the chest but it’s the whole thing in our minds. It is my hope that one day every young man of our generation may find one wife of his youth that may satisfy him without him looking elsewhere. But is that the case? Even the married ones have their heads turning. Why? They seek a satisfaction that ladies cannot give. It’s like searching for polar bears in the Sahara. The quest is futile! Just because the rear is bigger or the front is wider means nothing. We think the next best curves, hips or lips will satisfy yet to be quite frank they won’t. You see, even if you’re in a serious relationship, you will more often than rarely see another lady with a better physical deal than your girlfriend, fiancée of wife. Now, if you trade a few minutes of flirtation with “the better deal”, you will only lose a lifetime of love with “the real deal”. Curves will sag, hips will drag and lips will fall.

It hurts ladies terribly when their men fail to find them attractive anymore. It hurts them more when their men compare them to other feminine models or expect them to measure up with television figures that have spent five hours of make-up to appear for only six minutes on set. It’s a fool’s rush guys. Don’t be caught in it. Satisfaction is maturity. If your quest is insatiable, your life will be a waste after fool’s gold. All women in your eyes may be pretty, but only your lady is beautiful if you choose her to be.

The story below is an experience that almost cost me a beautiful life and a beautiful wife-to-be because curves, hips and lips seemed to be the only thing that mattered at the moment.

. . .

I always fell for girls older than myself. Suffice it to say that I was either mature for my age or the younger girls did not quite posses the knack for romantic adventure as the older ones did. Somewhere in one of my poems it reads, “Wrote love letters to sweet little Mary, made photocopies to Lucy and Njeri.” I juggled the hearts of girls younger than me ever since I was 15. My ego reached critical mass and my spirit man died a slow-fade death. I left my first love.

I was 16 and sexy (or so I thought). I had girls wrapped around my finger but never really did any harm. Seven girls I remember, their names all withheld. Number pregnant; none. Number intimate with; none. Number heart-broken; seven. So you see, I wasn’t doing too badly for a pastor’s kid.

Case one of the seven was the most deadly. The year was 2005. My high school went for trips outside the country every year. 2005 was Zanzibar! We stopped at Arusha for the night before completing our journey. I was dead tired and wanted nothing but to sleep. My friend, Archie and I shared a room together with two other friends. Not only until our patron fell asleep did the trouble really begin. The guys decided to go clubbing. Thank God for Archie. We encouraged each other and decided to stay. The other two roommates left. By 3am, they had returned, drunk as sponges, all blacked-out! Archie woke me up, clearly startled. The lights were on.

“Archie, what is it?”

Archie couldn’t speak. I woke up and saw why. Right across Archie was a lusciously dressed woman seated on the bed. Her skirt was very economical. Her chest was bare with strings of cloth hanging on her torso. As we later came to realize, she was a prostitute or as one of my pals would say, a flesh-consultant. Let’s call her case one. Case one was a beautiful creature! She put on make-up and had the most physically attractive form to go with it. She had a lure that was impossible to ignore. Sleep disappeared. Archie assured me that he had nothing to do with her and had no idea what she wanted.

“Nataka mume wangu,” she said in Swahili (I want my husband)

“Mume wako hayuko hapa,” I responded. (Your husband is not here)

Or was he, I reasoned as I looked at my intoxicated pals. It was the start of a lengthy argument that she was determined to win. She remained intransigent that her husband came to our hotel and was roughly our age. I sighed. What had those silly boys done? She explained that one of us met her at a nearby brothel and had not paid for her services. She went from explaining to ranting. She was going to wake the entire hotel at this rate. We calmed her down and promised to find her “husband.” When we discovered that she had no shoes, we knew we were going nowhere. She refused to leave the room without her shoes.  She claimed that she had left them in the lobby. Archie volunteered to get them, leaving me alone in the room with the flesh-consultant. It was the best of times; it was the worst of times, flesh and spirit respectively. The moment Archie stepped out, case one began running her feet up my leg. I jumped back in anxiety. It didn’t stop her.

“Kwani waogopa? Kuja. Usiwe mwoga.” She said (Are you scared? Come on, don’t be afraid.)

She beckoned me to approach her. Cupid’s arrow began to spread it’s venom. My eyes liked what they saw and my spirit cried foul. The sight was delectable and tempting. Archie wasn’t returning. What was taking him so long? Or did it seem so because I was in this situation? I looked at the lady, the desire oozing out of me. She was willing. She began to lick her lips sensually and make another advance on me. I didn’t care! I wanted her! I wanted her badly! She began to run her feet up my leg again. I didn’t resist. I figured it wouldn’t hurt anyone. She was Tanzanian. I was Kenyan. Whatever we did in this short moment, would not only feel good but also it wouldn’t last. Besides, it’s not like I was forcing her down this road. She was openly seducing me. I didn’t see the wrong in satisfying the crave for curves, hips and lips. I would never see her again so it was no big deal! Lust burned and I encouraged its flame! I was bent on making a move when the door suddenly flew open with Archie holding a pair of white high heels. I’ve been eternally grateful to Archie since. Thoughts of contracting diseases came hours later and I was glad that those high heels were found in the nick of time.
. . .

Seven years later, I admit that if I had given in, I would be a wreck. God’s grace had it that Archie was my help. Don’t wait to get into a situation to decide whether curves, hips and lips are the deal or not. In the heat of the moment they seem like the deal. In the coolness of the truth, they are not. If that’s what keeps you going in a relationship or in your pursuit for the fairer sex, you have more chances finding the Easter bunny. Physical beauty is important, don’t get me wrong. In fact Dr. Willard Harley in his best-selling book “His needs, her needs” raises with adequate facts that a man will feel cheated if his partner does not take care of her physical appearance. Encourage women’s femininity and this will not be a problem. She will dress up for you and you will be the envy of many. Physical beauty is important but it’s not crucial.

A lady’s worth lies deeper than the tights and the flesh. Don’t lose a diamond for a mere rock. If you fail to see that, you will live with a Fiona who’s Shrek on the inside rather than a Shrek who is Fiona on the inside. Between me and you, the latter is the real deal.

1st John 2:17 “The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.”