JET: The Proposal- Special Edition (Jesus Ernie & Turi)

JET: The Proposal- Special Edition (Jesus Ernie & Turi)
By Ernest Wamboye

T was intransigent! She wanted nothing but pure gold. To hear that you got the love of your life the cheapest ring would be a cheap move for any man who desires to demonstrate testicular fortitude. Our ladies deserve the best, now don’t they? They are the reason to smile, the beauty divine, the helpmates beside and the queens of our lives! And besides, my ego was too fragile to see a coated ring chip away after four months of use.

There’s a thin line between insanity and sobriety. I was hoping the same thin line would exist between the cheapest band of gold and the most expensive. I walked into The Junction Mall with Michael, my cousin. After a quick browse of the shops, we found the jewellers we were looking for. Here I would find the ring I wanted to buy her-the ring that would convince my family, her family, friends, fiends, peers, juniors, haters and lovers that my romance was lethal affection. Here was my goldmine-literally! Here was the point where my effort proved my love and my pockets suffered loss. Here my wallet would malnourish and my future would be fattened. It was here that JET’s future would be forged. We walked into the meticulous store and saw the treasure at once. It was perfect! Solid gold! Sparkling stone! Just like T had desired! I asked the question and I received my answer.

72,000 KES!!

I had prepared my kidney for this day! I would have to sell it and my phone to raise the 72 grand! Love isn’t blind. It just isn’t looking when the excitement checks in. So the excitement waned and my sight was restored. I could see the death very clearly facing me! I had been saving since September for this metallic band. The money I had saved I supposed was enough. If it weren’t for the encouragement dear Michael gave, I would have been in part C of my elopement plan; sail to Seychelles. I learned 3 lessons in all this. Lesson one; live within your means. Lesson two; girls who dig gold are flexible on the silver. Lesson three: if she loves you for you ability to quickly swipe a VISA card for 72 grand, ditch the greedy girl.

I am proud to say that I do not owe my bank, my parents, my friends, any sect, gang, miltia or the mafia any cash for the ring. I’m also proud to say that the amount I saved was more than sufficient to get a pure silver band that T can’t seem to get off her mind up to today. Also proud to say that 72,000 KES (or the lack of it) proved the love Turi had for me. Girls need to be financially secure, not financially greedy! Your things versus people and vice versa priority will reveal the Jekyll and Hyde character in both of you. J set the test and by his grace and only his grace we passed!

J had also set the venue; Mombasa. Turi and I were attending the annual December Youth Camp with our church- NPC Valley Road. This time it was at the Kenya coast. You thank God you live in these countries where others only see pictures of them on airplane magazines or on Google Images. The beach, the sun, the weather was idyllic! I had done the math. Friends for one year! Dated for 2 years 7 months 24days! Married for? Well that was it. I had to answer that question by asking her the question “Will you marry me?”

Every New Year, we write notes to each other at the NPC Valley Road youth camp. We call them sugar cubes. Sugar, because many write sweet nothings. Cubes, for the strangest idea that those rectangular brown envelopes look like cubes. They aren’t even 3-D! Cubes! Anyway, as usual, Turi wrote me her New Year’s message, but I didn’t. I had a trick up my sleeve; a very romantic trick. I rushed to my room in the hotel and got the silver ring out of the proposal box. I stuck it on the sugar cube card and instead of a New Year message, I wrote on the inside in bold.

Will you marry me?

It was a romantic time bomb! At the proper time, it would detonate with such excitement! We had breakfast on the morning of 30 Dec and proceeded to get into the bus destined for Nairobi. For you see, it was the last day of the camp. Turi had her sugar cube bulging with messages. Among all those there was a silver ring. She hardly imagined it despite the several times Pastor Jacqui almost blew my cover. She knew of the engagement plan prior of my proposing and couldn’t help but exude excitement each time she bumped into Turi and I at the camp. Michael’s neighbour, Mr. Meredith, would later joke about it saying, “How would she know it was yours among all the other sugar cube notes from boys at the camp?” After breakfast, I urged her to read her sugar cube notes. She resisted but later gave in after much nudging that I had written her a romantic beautiful piece. She pulled out my card (It was the only white card with my art on it, if you’re reading this, Mr. Meredith. That’s how she knew.)

She read the message. She screamed in delight! Her hoarse voice from all the shouting during the camp did not hinder her joy inexpressible!

“Oh my God! Oh My God! Yes! Yes! Yes Ernie Yes!”

Petite girls can give bear hugs when excited. The rest is history. This beautiful story concludes in September 2012 as we open yet another exciting chapter of our lives; The JET Marriage!