FOR MEN ONLY – On girls and love life

FOR MEN ONLY – On girls and love life
By Ernest Wamboye

Does the fact that age mates have more influence over most teenagers than parents strike you as something odd? I mean, this parent has lived with the child for more than 15 years but they cannot influence the child as easily as the child’s age mate can for five minutes. What is the root cause of influence?

I believe the answer to be this; Reconciliation leads to relationship, which leads to influence. You are more likely to be influenced by who you have a working relationship with. If parents reconciled more with teenagers, they would influence more.

The truth does not apply with parents alone though. It does with male- female relationships too. I’ve always found that it’s better to be in agreement than to be right in a relationship with a woman. You are likely to win your lady to your view when you relate with them than when you prove you’re right. You may feel that you are on the right. In fact, maybe you are right and your partner is completely wrong. They are on the wrong and they act like they are not. Many men at this point go by the motto, the best defence is an offence. However, the best defence is an offence is you want to win an argument. If you want to win a relationship with a woman, the best defence is no offence. Women love to be listened to. To be the bigger man is to be the greater one by being the humble one. You may win arguments and show you’re right and never have the respect and peace with your lady.

Relationships work out when there’s a safe environment. As a man, take the role to create that environment.  Retaliating anger with anger is adding fuel to the inferno. The next time they come in shouting at you, control yourself and ask what the problem is with a smile. In fact, give them a big hug and ask them gently, “Sweetheart, you sound troubled, what’s the matter.” Tone of voice, facial expression and physical touch all matter to a woman. So when you say “What’s wrong dear,” but you’re sounding like the Hulk, she will keep going down that road. Women if shown affection will return the love and respect in heaps and overloads. Treat her like a queen even when she’s not acting like one. It’s okay. They will earn your respect and they will love you for your humility. Many men may argue, “She should also do the same!” Let me let you in on a little secret dear gentleman. If you lead she will follow.

Of course there are women who are simply terrible and will not flinch at any effort that a man makes. They probably don’t deserve a gentleman like you. I assure you though, 99.99 percent of women do not fall in that category and a little affection on the other 364 days apart from Feb 14th would result in a beautiful encounter with these beautiful gifts from GOD. You can quote me. This year, show love through humility. Turn down the vocals and tune in the love. Remember, reconciliation leads to relationship, which leads to influence.